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Shutter Cliq | May 26, 2017

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Expose to the Right

February 14, 2012 | Admin

Excerpt from

See the original blog post and so much more HERE!

What is this “expose to the right” thing we keep hearing about? And do I expose to the right? Read More

Photoshoot Checklist

February 13, 2012 | Admin

I’ve never been the list type.  In fact,  I often get to the grocery store and either grab too much of one thing or forget the REALLY important thing we needed in the first place because I refuse to carry a list. Read More


February 13, 2012 | Admin

Compositing or ” making digital sandwiches” is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. Read More

Metering..what is it..and how to do it.

February 13, 2012 | Admin

Your camera has a built in light meter, but do you know how it works?  Do you know your different metering modes and the best time to use each? Read More

ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and You.

February 13, 2012 | Admin

If you came here, you’re looking for information on ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture and how they relate.

Before I make my ham-fisted attempt at explaining it, can I ask you to please check out Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure?

Ok…now you bought his book, let me give you a primer on this topic. Read More