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Shutter Cliq | May 26, 2017

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Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget

March 14, 2012 | Admin

From the article: “If you have seen Peter Lik’s work in person then you understand that it’s impossible to put into words the look and quality of his prints. Peter’s photography (and his post production) is fantastic, but what really makes his work stand out is his printing and presentation. If his images were printed on standard photo paper at a standard size, his work would not have the same “wow” factor.”

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PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada)

February 14, 2012 | Admin

PPOC (Professional Photgraphers Association of Canada) is a diversified group of creative artists dedicated to the highest standards in professional imaging.

About PPOC / À propos PPOC:

PPOC represents a long history and a very bright future in the Canadian creative landscape!!

In 1946, commercial and press photographers in Ontario formed an organization which was granted a federal charter and became the Commercial and Press Photographers Association of Canada (CAPPAC). On October 30, 1962, the name was changed to Professional Photographers of Canada Inc. (PPOC) to reflect the nationwide nature of the membership. On September 22, 1969, delegates representing Provincial Associations drew up a new charter forming the Professional Photographers of Canada 1970 Incorporated.

This organization was formed to establish a strong national identity for all those involved in the photographic industry. It was to be implemented by February 1, 1970, and its Federal Council was to consist of five Executive
Officers and one voting delegate from each Constituent Association.

The new Federal organization was to:

* provide unity;
* speak for the photographic profession when dealing with legal matters, government agencies, or legislation;
* share the same rules regulating print show competitions, presentations of merits, awards, and professional recognition;
* to publish a professional magazine in order to provide national communication to its members.

* See a list of PPOC Member benefits.