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The iphone has a pretty powerful lens/camera system.  How powerful? Well, the iPhone 4s shoots fixed at f/2.4!  Incredible depth of field for a cell phone.   You'll be able to print an 8x10 print with no pixel loss.  Unfortunately, your stuck with one lens that is the equivalent of about 30mm on a 35mm DSLR.  Fortunately, there are companies out there that sell some incredible lenses for your phone.  Note: Prices may vary from when the time of this article was written.  Research out different stores to find the best prices.         

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iPro Lens System - The creme de la creme of iphone lenses is here.  L quality wide angle and fisheye glass for your phone.  A beautiful rugged case with a built in tripod mount and lens storage system will not be an impulse purchase.  At around 200 dollars, this is one of the pricier iPhone lens systems but the trade-off is getting incredible quality glass for your phone can make a huge difference in your captures.



 Olloclip - This neat little attachment slips on your iphone 4/4s when you need it and comes right off after your done for all you au natural iphone users. The included lens options are  fisheye, wide-angle, and macro.  We really like this minimal design.  No bulk and it's ready to go as soon as you slip it on.  At around $69.00  This is a pretty good bargain for a beautifully designed 3 lens option.





The iPhone Rangefinder - This case/lens combo might be a littttttle over the top, but I love it and use it on a daily basis.  It might seem silly to make a phone look like a camera, but it fairs really well, and I don't feel like that tourist who's always pulling our their phone.  The coolest thing I think?  The shutter button on the top actually works in conjunction with your volume rocker to take shots.  The interchangeable lenses are great as well.



The Macro Cell Lens Band - Simple brilliant idea to get insanely detailed macro shots on ANY camera phone. "Keep it around a card in your wallet or on your wrist for easy access. The band slides onto your phone in an instant, so you won't miss any more shots fumbling for a lens!"




The iPhone Telephoto Lens - Need 8x zoom power on a cell phone?  The iPhone Telephoto Lens is  powerful and extremely portable.  It's the equivelant of carrying around a 500mm zoom lens.  Another great thing is this lens comes with a nice case to protect your phone and a tabletop tripod to the tun of $35.00


3 Lens System - This generic lens kit includes a wide angle, fisheye, and a macro lens setup.  They attach to your phone via a little sticky magnet that sits around your camera lens.  While this is a good bargain at around $49.00, I did have some issues with this setup.  The edges were no where near as sharp as some of the other options listed above.  With them being attached by magnet, an accidental bump can knock the lens off and into a nice pile of dirt.



The iPhone SLR Mount - Yes.  Someone made this and it does exist.  I can't imagine the thought process that considered putting thousands of dollars onto an attachment for your phone.  We're all for ingenuity, but this borders ridiculous.  The good news?  It works.  It works REALLY well.  You'll have some INSANE depth of field and the ability to manual focus.  The bad news?  You're going to look like an absolute tool carrying it around.  Oh, and never mind that it costs $249.00 for the case and the attachment. L series lenses sold separately.  But seriously, I wan't this, and I want it badly.  I don't care what people think of me.


With the right attachments, you can turn your iPhone into decent, if not exceptional, point and shoot camera system.  It may be more of a novelty, but sometimes reaching for your phone to capture an impromptu sunset  is a better idea than fiddling around with getting your camera out and changing lenses, setting white balance/aperature/iso/and shutter speed.

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