SPwebBooks - Integration Redefined.


The folks at SPwebBooks make implementing a unified presence online so incredibly easy thanks to their app developed specially for Facebook. One of the most important maketing practices that you can possibly engage in as a small business, is continuity and unification of your marketing efforts. Well imagine having the ability to have your website ON your Facebook Fanpage! We launched Shuttercliq.com and within 2 days saw the need for tighter integration between our site and our Facebook Page.

We looked no further than SPwebBooks. And we are already very happy with the results in terms of website traffic, likes, and our unified presence online.

You need to visit SPwebBooks here!

The folks at SPwebBooks have also VERY kindly offered to give all ShutterCliq readers a $10 discount on the first year subscription fee (THAT'S 25% OFF FOLKS!!!) JUST by telling them that "ShutterCliq Sent Me" in the comments box.

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