Salvaging a Blown Out Image


Photographer Kristina Toddy (check out her photography company EOL Photography) has shared with us a great article about dealing with blown out images. Every once in awhile I forget to change my settings when moving between areas on location - causing a change in the available light, and even though I may have several in the series... the BEST one is blown out! (Has this ever happened to anyone else?) I ran across this technique on a blog while pinning on Pinterest-- she gives many tips and tricks, but this method was completely new to me, so I wanted to share it!

Darcy Milder's blog is called My 3 Boybarians, and is chock full of great info!

Read the incredible tutorial here!

Hope you like this technique- please post any images you use it on- and show Darcy's blog some love from ShutterCliq! :)"

Thanks Kristina!!  And like she mentioned, we'd love to see some links to blown out images you've salvaged.  Or you can send us a before and afters here: and we'll feature them in this article!

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