On Camera Video with Taylor Jackson

It would be amazing if you could follow a wedding photographer around and listen to them explain what lenses they’re using while shooting a live wedding and seeing how they set up each shot. Then to go a step further and then show you the final images would be something else, wouldn’t it?  Taylor Jackson has done just that with his Full Wedding Behind the Scenes videos on YouTube.

He attaches a GoPro to the top of this camera for the entire day and then voiceovers what he’s doing, why he’s doing it, and then shows the final result.  As someone who has been a second shooter to some incredible photographers and tried to gather bits and pieces of knowledge from them throughout the day watching them, I learned more in this 23-minute video than in all of those weddings added up.

Taylor does a fantastic job of breaking down every shot and location in an easy to understand format.  You can tell he is not only passionate about his craft, but he’s also passionate about teaching others. We also recommend watching his other behind the scenes videos to see more about his craft.


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