Milk Bath Shoot Tutorial

A beautiful style trend that has been making its way into maternity shoots is utilizing a milk bath set. They are a beautiful backdrop that requires minimal spacing and setup but yield a breathtaking stylistic photo that will stand out in your portfolio and create a memorable photo for your client.  The creamy tones of the milky water giving it an ethereal feeling and depth while making your client and their skin tone pop is hard to achieve with another method as easy as this.

Credit: Tiffany Burke
Credit: Tiffany Burke


What’s great about this style of shoot is it’s fairly straightforward to do and your clients will love the outcome.  And there’s a ton of different ways to set this shoot up.  We’ve seen photographers photograph this indoors/outdoors, use powdered milk or whole milk, props or no props, boudoir children or maternity.  Plus, it’s a great upsell when pitching the idea to your client. Who wouldn’t love being pampered with a nice warm bath at the end of their shoot?

Tiffany Burke over at Popular Photo has written a fantastic tutorial on how to prepare for and achieve a great milk bath shoot.

Credit: Tiffany Burke

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