30 Simple Tasks To Increase Your Photography Revenue Now

Photo by Felix Russell Saw


Whether you’re a photographer, like me, or a mechanic for a local shop, there are many tasks you can do which can improve a company’s presence. Also, by improving your website, you increase the chances of raising revenue for your business. With that said, here are 30 tasks you can do, right now, to increase your revenue.



  • Host a lunch to meet customers and business partners. Don’t sell, just chat.
  • Preset to a local organization about your products or services.
  • Write an eBook, share and sell it.
  • Create a Udemy course to educate customers.
  • Take a business course on Udemy, learn and implement strategies.
  • Speak at an industry conference.
  • Stop using Powerpoint and start using Prezi.
  • Add an affiliate/partner program.


Use tools like Hubspot’s Marketing Grader to see how well your website is optimized for conversions.

Use Google Alerts to track and respond to specific important keywords.

Create and commit to a blog editorial calendar.

Record and share videos within blog content.

Collect email addresses (by giving away your eBook) and create a better email marketing campaign.

Include testimonials on your website.

Use a WordPress gallery plugin to share event photographs.

Use click tracking software to optimize your website.

Create a mobile/responsive design for your website.

Write content with targeted keywords in mind.

Find better web hosting if your site is struggling.



  1. Implement and Instagram posting schedule and stick to it.
  2. Create a separate Instagram business and personal account.
  3. Utilize companies like Later.com to help automate your social media posting schedule
  4. Add a Facebook business page “Like” box.
  5. Verify your business on Pinterest.
  6. Tweet daily.
  7. Use Buffer to optimize your sharing times.
  8. Answer questions on LinkedIn and Quora to engage/educate communities.
  9. Use IFTTT to automate certain tasks.

Of course, there are still many other tasks you can implement in your business, that will directly (and indirectly) impact the presence and revenue.

The bulk of social media tasks are indirect influences. What I mean is, the time you spend on social media is not going to show an ROI instantly. The return might be weeks or months later.

The key is to stay active and to get more eyeballs on your content and activity. Doing so will definitely show an instant return on investment.

It is also important to note that many of these tasks can be done for free, so the investment is purely time.

What tasks do you plan on implementing this year? Please comment below to share.


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a NJ photographer and the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati Media, developer of WordPress themes for photographers.

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