How to Sell…Reading Resources.

This one is pretty simple! Jeffrey Gitomer has written pretty much EVERY type of useful sales book out there. From selling, to networking, to overcoming objections, sales professionals all over the world use techniques presented in these books to close deals every day.
A few titles I own and have read from his collection of sales manuals. (YES Manuals!)

Sales is 90% of photography…yup. You read that right. If you can sell, you’ll survive. If you can’t, you’re going to burn out, and  be working for pennies an hour. So learn to sell. But don’t just sell your products. Sell yourself, your services, your company, sell as much as you can! You’ll thanks us for it!

Let the books listed below help you learn HOW to sell.

The Little Red Book of Selling

The Little Red Book of Sales Answers

The Little Black Book of Connections

The Sales Bible

Head to Jeffrey’s Site here and pick up a few of these titles!

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