Overcoming Client Objections

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We’ve all faced the inevitable “Objection”…
The client or prospect likes what you have to say but has a reason (an objection) as to why they’re not willing to book right now. Maybe it’s price, product…or any number of different reasons.

Here’s a tried and true technique for overcoming the objections that can and will pop up much of the time.

So the scenario, you’re sitting with a bride and groom, selling yourself, your products and your services. But the prospect has some concerns.

Ready for this? LFQAC.

5 steps to overcoming any objection. This technique requires practice but more often than not, you will overcome the objections of your clients and move the process forward.

So what is LFQAC?

L stands for LISTEN:  Literally…You were given 2 ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion. Listen attentively to the objection and make sure that you understand it completely. i.e. The client says: “We really didn’t want an album, and we were wondering if you would be able to substitute a canvas instead.”

F stands for FEEDBACK: Repeat the customers’ objection as you understand it. But only do it when they’re finished. If you’re not correct, have them correct you. Getting to the heart of the objection is of the utmost importance. So you would say, “As I understand it, you don’t want an album in your package, but would like to substitute a canvas. Am I right?” This sounds completely redundant, but it shows them that you have listened completely to everything they have said and understood what they really want.

Q stands for Question: This is in two parts. The first question you want to ask is “Why?” as in “Why do you not want an album and what is it about the canvas that makes you feel that you really want it instead?” Now LISTEN to their response and feed it back to them. So you can more quickly get back to this point.

A stands for ANSWER: This is where you answer the objection. In this situation, your answer could be: “You know what? I can tell that having a canvas is very important to you, and this is something we can do for you.” OR if this is something that is built into your package and for some reason, you can’t do it, you could go with: “The album has been the favorite part of the wedding for all of our couples to date, and we would hate for you to miss out on the memories contained within. It’s included in your package and is a gift from us to you. We offer Canvases as well, and these would be a fabulous complement to your wedding package.”

C stands for Confirm: This is your last chance to make sure you’ve satisfied their concerns, and see if the sales process is ready to get to the closing phase referenced in the article here.

Don’t worry if they’re not 100% on board yet. This process is repeatable. For EVERY OBJECTION they come up with, repeat this process. Make sure that you’ve satisfied everything.

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