Posing Seniors Guys and Girls

Photo by Joe Gardner

Posing. This tends to not be a fun topic to discuss in groups of photographers. It takes time and practice and a lot of patience to get it right.  And if you’re an introvert, asking someone to stand a certain way and direct their body in a completely comfortable and natural way can feel absolutely grueling.

You know how it goes, you get out to the session, there’s great lighting, a great model and you’re at a great location. You’re all ready to go, and you forget suddenly how to pose your subject. All these GREAT conditions and you’re drawing a blank. You’re panicking, the light is slowly fading and your clients smile is as well. Sound familiar? Well, it does to me.  We’ve playfully nicknamed it PD or Posing Dysfunction when the moment is right but you just can’t perform.

DPS (Digital Photography School) has these fantastic posing guides up on their site. We want you to have access to it anywhere and anytime. So when, like me, you get to the location and all the stars are aligned, you might draw a blank, you can have this resource handy.

Click here if you’re posing a guy…

Click Here if you’re posing a girl…

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