Power Closing With Clients

Here’s a sales exercise you all can practice and try.
These are examples that I’ve adapted the language to work for the world of photography. The way you make this second nature is to write out 5 different closes to each type of closing statement/question and PRACTICE them.

The Direct Close: “Would you like to book now?”

The Alternate Close: “Will that be a 16×24 or a 24×36?”

The Minor Point: “If I can spread the payment for you, can we make a deal?”

The Next Step:  “So, I will email you your contract just as soon as I get back to the office. Sound good?”

Opportunity:  “I will include a parent album in your package if you book within the next two weeks. How does that sound?”

Now…the very cool thing they taught us, was what to do if the prospect isn’t quite ready to sign/book and what to do next. It all has to do with motive.

Remind them of why they came to you:

“So what you’re saying is that you want timeless images, that you can look back on, with fond memories for years to come. Am I right?” (You want their agreement here!)

Remind them that YOU can fulfill this need:

“We know that finding the perfect photographer is a task that no one takes lightly, and WE want you to feel perfectly comfortable with your final decision, knowing that you’ve made the right choice. Let us take the stress off you, and take care of all the details around your photography. How does that sound?”

NOW…the magic…Paint a Word picture.

 “Imagine 5, 10, 20 years from now, sitting with your family, looking back at the images from your wedding day, and remembering the moment you first saw each other at opposite ends of the aisle. How beautiful she looked, and how handsome he looked with his eyes only on you. Now think of the feelings that you shared once it was official. The love, the bond. We can recreate these feelings through the images we will create. How does that sound?”

This is the STRONGEST emotional connection you can possibly make. Now they’re feeling the things you’ve planted in their heads…Go right back to a close.

So take this exercise, USE it. Practice it, and get yourself closing more often.

And let us know these ideas work for you.


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