Selling…You need to learn how.

Thanks to Brooke Stevens-Patrick for her contribution. Selling isn’t easy, and she lays it out here in terms that can be used in any situation.

Brooke Stevens-Patrick is an award winning Arizona based lifestyle, fine art and Wedding photographer.

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So we all know we should be big on selling…and I am, but many people aren’t. Selling can get you in uncomfortable territory. I thought I would share a little of how I do it which makes it uber easy.

In one of my past lives (ha ha) I was in Retail Management and was a “Train the Trainer”, basically I traveled to different stores and would teach their management how to motivate their team to sell. So glad I had that experience. When I first started my photography business 4 1/2 years ago I knew exactly what I wanted to do to help my sales. Yes, I have changed some stuff up and I’m sure I still will, but without sales we don’t have a business.


My very favorite thing ever. I DO NOT give everything away in a package. When negotiating a package for a bride and groom, I usually work from my a la carte menu. And yes I do ask them their budget range. I need to know where their head is. If I am adding a print credit, I keep it close to $200. My out of pocket is low and it won’t get them as much as they are going to want.

If I add digital negatives to a package I add 200 digital negatives. I add a 20 page spread for an album…and so on. Here’s where the selling comes in. I show them the original cost on everything in the package and show them the savings that get close to the range. Calculate it out right there and divide by 3. Then ask if they would like to put down a deposit.

AND ASK! If you created a $2700 package, ASK would you like to hold your date with $900 down and nothing due until…(whenever your contract says pmt #2 is due). If you ask do you want to book a two thousand seven hundred dollar wedding package that’s enough to make anyone scream. Everyone needs to feel like they can manage it and they are getting something they want…and then a little.

Then I move on the the relationship building (way easier) and shoot their wedding.

Here it comes….

Once those proofs are posted more UPSELLING! “awww, that’s so sweet! You can’t choose just 200 negatives? Well you get get another 200 for $800” (And they do, because they always like more than 200, or you’re doing something wrong).

They can’t just give you 20 faves and 20 must haves for the album? “That’s ok we can add spreads for $xx.xx per”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

One: ASK for a deposit.

Two: Negotiate so they feel they are getting a great deal.

Three: DO NOT give them everything! Limit your item quantities on your a la carte so they want MORE! If you give it all away, there is no more money to make! There have been times where I have told them, don’t worry about your smaller budget, just get my time so I can capture your wedding. You can get product later. Offer gift certificates and tell them to put them on their bridal registry! (SALE!)

I hope this helps. Selling is easy and necessary to maintain a business!

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