The Definitive Marketing Book

Ever wanted to know how to market as a small business person? There’s a book that you need to own. Generally regarded as the textbook for small business marketing, Guerrilla Marketing is a MUST read for any small business owner.  As photographers, we need to constantly be reinventing our marketing strategies and campaigns to really see what sticks and resonates with our client base.  Sometimes the most brilliant plan could be right under our noses.

One of my favorite points that Jay Conrad Lenvinson makes in this book is that you don’t have to invest a ton of money into your marketing plans if you are willing to invest time, energy, imagination, and information.  As a hands on, do it all myself businessman, I enjoy getting my feet wet and really digging in to plans

For under $10 at Amazon, this is an absolute STEAL. Buy it below!

Guerrilla Marketing

Are there any other marketing books or resources you use? Let us know below!

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