8 Reasons You Could be Losing Business

This article was posted in the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) Facebook page. And we thought it was a solid reminder of good business practices. It’s a definitive “How NOT To Do Business” article that is very applicable to Photography.

Even long-standing pros need reminding once in a while of business fundamentals. And for someone starting out in the business, establishing solid business practices means you’ll be one of the survivors when so many Photographers fail. This article lays out, in practical terms, some fundamental reasons why the business could be going the other way.

The Inc. Website is full of small business advice, and all of it is golden! You’ll find everything from Social Media, finance, sales, branding, marketing, management, and growth strategies. As a small business owner, although we love you coming here to ShutterCliq, this is one of those websites that really deserves your time.

Read the article here! Was there any particular point that resonated with you from this?

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