How do you define your Pricing? Rates? Investment? Fees?

ShutterCliq was started from a VERY cool Facebook Photography Group that engages in some pretty amazing discussions. This one was pretty recent but we thought it was worth sharing.Some of the contributors were: Michael Kelly,  Joe Barnet, Merek Davis, Josh Trolio, Shelby Robinson, Tricia Williams, Rick Weaver,  and Jay Gough.

“When I’m on a website looking for prices and I see ‘investment’ I immediately think, ‘expensive.’ Is this just me?”

  • I don’t think expensive…but I hate the word. It’s such a personal preference…but the definition of investment is something that yields a return. I don’t know that purchasing products from a vendor that won’t appreciate in monetary value, is an investment per se…(And DUCKS and RUNS)
  • I’m in Agreement!
  • But I would like this discussion to pan out. I’m very curious on both sides.
  • I agree with you, I do get the sense of expensive just from hearing the word. Funny enough, most local photos that use that word have CHEAP ASS prices.
  • Maybe its the overuse of the word. I know what it means, but I feel a little like someone is trying to get me to buy into a multi level marketing scam. Sorta like here in Socal we have these signs everywhere “Real Estate Investor Seeks Student – Earn while you learn!”
  • I see both ways – I understand what you are saying. But it does yield an emotional return…. and does gain emotional value through the years as we grow away from that point in our lives, we cherish those photos even more…… but I do think that it evokes a feeling immediately of EXPENSIVE!
  • We should come up with a new term…not price, not investment…..hmmmmm…. have to think that over!
  • ANYONE have a better word? I hate it too.
  • Pricing?
  • When I hear “investment” I think of a giant stack of money that I lost in the stock market when the bubble burst
  • rates – I like that one….to the point
  • in·vest·ment [in-vest-muhnt]
    noun 1. the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
  • I don’t post my prices on my website. We email them to people who ask.
  • I have never really thought “investment” made sense. It isn’t really being used in a correct connotation. I compare it to asking a hair stylist their info and they would say, “Your diagnosis will include color, cut, and perm.”
  • Haha ^ This group can really take a post and RUN with it!
  • Of all the suggestions I like “rates” too.
  • Awe I kinda like investment. I see it both ways.
  • I do have a question to those of you who refer to it as an “investment,” do you have a specific way of selling that word any different than saying “rates” or “pricing”.
  • When I get my website completely up and running, it will say rates.
  • Very interesting question! I’ve actually done some research on that and I talk about it at our workshops.Research shows that when a bride clicks on the tab, prices OR investment, she’s very disappointed if she doesn’t find real information. Some photographers say “call the studio for pricing” or “no 2 weddings are the same, so call for a special quote” This is the kiss of death! Some brides leave the site right away because they feel cheated that the photographer didn’t at least show a range. We have a range, and mention what’s included in all our collections, starting with a collection that is low, not a good value and no one buys, still, people with a good budget like to know that you offer a range. I personally like the concept of the word “investment” but don’t use it because it sounds pretentious to me. You’re investing in your family’s history, heirlooms, future, you’re making images that your descendants will value. In that sense it’s an investment, but still, I think it’s trying to get someone to BUY something, by calling it something else, like a bank CD. Most of our clients are professionals, and would not be impressed by that.
  • ^^^^ THIS. IS. GOLD!
  • Great point. We don’t have any information (not even an investment tab). It would be nice to at least give a starting price and talk about what we offer a bit.
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