You’ve got an upcoming wedding…and you really haven’t been able to afford to buy that awesome 70-200mm lens yet, but you really need it to do the gig. How do you get around this? Well, there’s one amazing option available to Americans (not Canada at this point, although we have our sources) and that’s BorrowLenses.com
If you need lenses, bodies, lights, modifiers, stands, audio recorders, memory cards…heck, basically anything. If the budget isn’t there for purchase, Rent it. Shoot it. Return it.

The tilt shift lens you’ve been lusting after to try? Yup. Rent it. Shoot it. Return it!

A Leica Body? (personal favorite) Yup. Rent it. Shoot it. Return it!

Outdoors shoot and you need more light? Yup. Rent it. Shoot it. Return it!

Check out their site here!

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