Facebook as a Marketing Tool…Boom or Bust?

Facebook. The social media site we love to hate seems to have a pretty large presence amongst our community of Photographers. According to their own statistics, roughly 7.5% of the worlds population or 845 MILLION people were active on Facebook in December of 2011.  OVER 80% of the active users are OUTSIDE of North America…
With ALL THAT said, as a part of a coordinated marketing campaign, with consistent branding and upkeep, Facebook can be your best marketing tool. It just shouldn’t be your only tool!

For one, the photo engine on Facebook is, shall we say inconsistent.  There is a whole cottage industry out there to sell LR presets and PS actions to create Facebook images. And now with Timeline coming to Pages, there’s a whole new need for Cover photos.  Hmmmm…so what to do? Well first up, you need a template for that new Cover photo. Well we got you covered! Click here! for a tutorial on creating some KILLER cover photos!

When you get that done, It’s time to really look at your page and see how focused your  Facebook marketing efforts really are? Go back and look at your posts and see if every one of them is doing something to BRING you business. Be it a sneak peek, an announcement of a promotion, something related to the business anyways. If there’s any fluff there, LOSE IT!

Really, you want things to be coordinated. The content on your website and blog should be pretty close to whats on your Facebook page. I know that there are only so many hours in the day, but coordination and unification are two important marketing practices! And putting them into practice willl help you do it better. And if you do IT better, you will DO better.

So do yourself a favour. Look at your Fan Page, your Blog and your Website. And get it in sync. When was the last time you asked a friend and photographer to go through your marketing materials? Time to Coordinate and Unify!

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