Canon Bodies, Which one and why?

Let’s start this off by saying we’re not measurebators, tech geeks, or product specialists for Canon.
We like cameras a lot. And we want to try to help you get the best possible Camera Body for what you want to shoot. So you can accept or reject some or all of what we’re saying here. We’re only speaking to the application and what we feel would be the best solution for different shooting styles and subjects.

You got $7000? You want the best body you can possibly buy in the Canon Lineup? Look no further than the Canon 1Dx. This is the direct competitor to the Nikon D4.

This monster is the PhotoJournalist/Sports shooters dream. It starts with an apparently very efficient 18Mp Full Frame sensor and an all new 61 point Auto Focus system. Combine that with 12-14 frames per second that the 1Dx can capture, and you’re not going to miss any special moments, or anything in between them either.

Also, crank the ISO up to a staggering 204,800 and shoot portraits in the dark. If I had $7k to drop on a Camera body, due to the fact that I own a PILE of Canon Glass, I would not hesitate to add one of these to the arsenal!



In the Midrange Full Frame segment falls the newly announced Canon 5DmkIII!

First off, Canon has upped the Mega-Pixels to 22 on its full frame CMOS sensor. They also added the 61 Point auto focus system from the flagship 1Dx. And max ISO is 25,600 with 102,400 available in expansion mode.

If this new camera’s images stay remarkably clean up to ISO6400 or even 12,800 and the Auto Focus system really delivers, Canon could have a winner here! The previous 5DmkII  hasn’t really let me down ever except when I ask it for miracles in the AF department.

At an MSRP of $3499.00 it’s a bit pricier than I had hoped. But like anything, it will come down in time.


One of the best Canon Cameras released in recent history is the EOS 7D.

With a 18MP Crop sensor, BLAZING autofocus, 8 Frames per second and decent high ISO capabilities, the 7D really caught a lot of people by surprise. Myself included.

I was a 5D Classic owner (now mkII) considering a crop body for speed and reach. When Canon dropped this bomb on me, I KNEW I had to have one. I’ve had it for well over 2 years.  And recommend it as an upgrade from a Rebel Series without reservation.

The 7D is kind of an all round type Camera. It has enough pixels to resolve some nice detail in portraits and landscapes. It offers the speed and reach that many wedding shooters seek. The Nikon Equivalent is the D7000.

And the Auto Focus and ISO capabilities make it an ideal low light complement to the 5DmkII I currently own as well.

If there’s anything you want to ask,  or anything specific you have to say about your current or next Camera…

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  1. jemmie says:

    I have the 7D… unfortunately, I got a lemon. I’ve sent it back to Canon, they have NOT been helpful. Basically, I dropped $2000 in a black hole. I have used other 7D’s that were fantastic, so I know it’s the body I got.

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