Nikon Bodies..which one and why?

Let’s start this off by saying we’re not measurebators, tech geeks, or product specialists for Nikon.
We like cameras a lot. And we want to try to help you get the best possible Camera Body for what you want to shoot. So you can accept or reject some or all of what we’re saying here. We’re only speaking to the application and what we feel would be the best solution for different shooting styles and subjects.

Nikon just released the D4 FX (Full Frame) DSLR and everything I can see online points to this being a pretty butt-kicking camera that comes in about $1000 less than it’s Canon Counterpart.

It looks rugged, and when i got my hands on it (for about 8 seconds here at a local studio) it felt super rugged.

This new flagship Nikon body offers speed and accuracy with a 16Mp FX-format sensor,  10 fps continuous shooting, a 51 point AF System, ISO expanded to 204,800 so once again you can make portraits in moonlight! Pretty cool if you ask me.

Can’t wait to see the online comparisons at other more techy websites to see how this and the Canon 1Dx match up!

This is the Sports/PJ cam offering AF, frame rate, and ISO that pro sports shooters need!


Nikon recently announced the D800 and D800E and they are (kind of) replacing the D700 which was a competitor to the Canon 5DmkII.

The D800 is a Full Frame sensor that has 36!!! Megapixels and some pretty darned good High ISO capabilities. There’s a lot of speculation that Canon will be answering this soon.

But I’m happy to see a mid range priced high mega pixel camera arrive to hopefully help all of us to get better gear!

The D800E has the Anti Aliasing filter removed. If you don’t know what that is, Google is your friend!

The addition of more useful video was welcome to Nikonians,  and I can’t wait until my Arizonian buddy gets his and shows me what it can do!

This is the portrait/studio  Camera that offers (to this point) unparalleled resolution.


If there’s anything you want us to find out, or direct you to, or if you think we missed something, let us know.

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