Canon “L” Lenses…Worth the premium?

Canon has a whole set of lenses that get the “L” or “Luxury” designation. And some people wonder if the price premium is worth it.
I’m here to say it is. You might be wondering why though?  L series lenses offer higher optical quality than their non-L equivalents, and have an important technical aspect in common. At least one element in every L lens is either made of fluorite crystal rather than glass.  A ground aspheric lens element (not a moulded/replicated aspheric lens as used in less expensive lenses) or is made from ultra-low dispersion glass.

Most L series lenses are also sturdily built – many are encased in metal barrels and most are weatherproofed – and most are very fast lenses for their focal lengths.

You can typically spot an “L” series lens by the red ring just below the front element on the lens casing.

The lens speed is one factor that makes for a great piece of glass . A bigger aperture means lower ISO and faster shutter speed in low light. L series lenses tend to reject flare far better than their non L counterparts. But where these lenses REALLY shine, is contrast, colour rendition, overall image quality and the quality of the bokeh (or the out of focus area of the frame). Typically the Canon telephoto L series lenses are grey in colour.  One of the most highly regarded lenses anywhere, by any maker is the Canon 70-200 f/2.8mkII. Simply put, this lens rocks! The internet doesn’t have enough room to describe how truly awesome this piece of glass is!

Tell us about your favorite Canon Lens!

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