Studio Strobes are awesome. Though they sometimes lack the portability of the speedlight. The drawback of speedlights is that the light source is pretty small.’

Good light typically comes from a bigger source. So how do make that tiny speedlight spread it’s output around? You modify it!

Tech Radar rated 6 speedlight modifiers that you should consider if you’re a speedlight shooter. From softbox, to strip box, umbrella, snoot, grid and soft lighter the list goes on and on. Spreading and softening light is the best way to create a studio quality and make your images rock!

We are big advocates of learning how to use artificial light in photography. One of our Favorite shooters, Joe McNally puts it best in his book “The Hot Shoe Diaries.”

I quote: “You could convince yourself that your photographic aesthetic precludes the use of ‘artificial light’ and you only work with ‘natural light’. Going natural may be fine in other areas of your life. Hug all the trees you want. Grow hair everywhere. Eat lots of Fiber. Run naked through the forest and howl at the moon….but here’s the deal. If you pick up a camera with any sort of serious intent, you will at least occasionally need to use a flash. Done deal. Lock solid. Take it to the bank.”

Read the article here!

Is there any particular Speedlight modifier you like?


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