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With a passion for light styling and a flair for location opportunities, Craig’s image creations are a combination of diverse influences from the editorial world he started in, the commercial world he thrived in, and the portrait world he has always been a part of. As a pioneer within the digital revolution, Craig was, and still is, one of the influential forces in creating and developing workflow techniques and habits that are still being used by individuals, studios and corporations all over the globe.

As the only Certified Professional Photographer to have his Masters & Craftsman of Photographic Arts in Canada and also in the US, he’s also the recipient of Five Photographer of the Year Awards in Canada, the US and Internationally.

Check out his photography website here!

From the Craigs Actions website:

Welcome to the fun and cool possibilities that are now a natural part of the Image Process… Amateur or Pro, everything here is designed to be as easy to use, as it is effective.

Look to the BeautyBar Pro if you need a starting point, add the Toolkit to cover all your necessary Photoshop needs, or go for the Stylers and see how easly Dynamic images can be customized in just a few seconds…If Presets are your thing, you’ll love the choices you’ll see here – Lightroom or Photoshop, RAW or JPG, everything is included in each Preset FX product and value priced so you can concentrate on the creative possibilities that await you.One set to start, or create your own Bundle and stack up the Savings!

Any way you want – anytime. It’s all here for you, ready whenever you are…

Enjoy the Adventure!

– Craig.

Craig’s Photoshop Actions and Fx Presets are:

  • Instant – Hundreds of ‘one click’ Actions & Image Presets to instantly stylize your images (mouse over any picture on this page to see examples)
  • Interactive – Custom controls and controlled stops allowYOU to decide how you want your final image to look
  • Flattering – Facial and Portrait enhancement tools to make ANY and every subject look their best
  • Simple – Designed for Pro Quality Demands – yet First Timer Ease of Use!
  • Fast – Make use of Workflow Actions that can Auto-Retouch & Batch Process your entire workload – Automatically!
  • Dynamic – Push creativity to new heights without the need for Photoshop or Lightroom mastery
  • Time Saving – Reduce your production workload by hundreds of hours per year – so you can work more, or play more!
  • Original – Make your photos and collections stand out from all others.

If photography is your profession, or your hobby, these invaluable tools can make an immense difference in the way you create, work, and play!

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