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There’s an incredible amount of Camera Gear websites out there, so we thought we would give you a starting point on where to go and what you’ll find when you get there.


DPReview is one of the world’s biggest review sites and hosts an incredible amount of content. There are gear reviews going back beyond a decade! Because of their size, and affiliation with Amazon, they tend to get pre-production samples of new camera bodies and lenses before any any other site.

So if you’re looking for the scoop on any new gear, we recommend you make DPReview your first stop.   Click on the logo to visit their site.


Ken Rockwell is truly a unique entity in the world of camera reviews. Despite his huge readership, he remains completely independent. Which means his reviews are presented with no bias or worry about potentially damaging his relationship with any manufacturer of the equipment he uses to make his photographs.

Says Ken: “I’ve become the world’s largest independent source of photography information. The world’s largest printed photography magazine has less readership than this website. My little notes are read more than the work of any other photography author in history.”

Click his Photo to visit his site!




Photozone is an independent lens review site based out of Germany. But don’t worry! It’s in English!

They have tested most of the lenses on almost every camera system and give both objective and subjective feedback on the performance of the equipment they have tested.  Although the content can get a bit “techy” at times, at it’s core the information as presented is valuable and worth considering. They also have included a handy price comparison chart for many European countries as well as the USA.

(For Canadians, we HIGHLY recommend Photoprice.ca to check pricing on Camera Gear)

Click on the screenshot to visit Photozone.de

Are there any other gear sites you like? Let us know below!


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