Monitor Calibration: Just as Important as Your Capture

It’s as important, if not MORE important. You make great images. You edit them on an uncalibrated system, then send them off to the lab…and they come back looking nothing like what was on your screen. What the heck? How did that happen? You may be suffering from an uncalibrated monitor. So read on!
Most monitors come with no calibration profile on them at all, which will leave your prints looking…well…less than fantastic!

So how do you fix your monitor calibration? Well I use the Datacolor Spyder3Elite, but of course they HAD to go release a new one. Not that there’s anything wrong with the one I have. But I’m a total techy, and I always want the newest.


There are more solutions than this out there. But in the interest of keeping it simple, we’re including the one that we have used with success.

Here’s a  great article here on the topic from Digital Imaging Resource.

Here’s the Datacolor Spyder4Elite product page!

What Calibration device are you using? Are you using anything? Read the article linked here and let us know if you’re using anything different to obtain an accurate monitor profile.
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