Neil van Niekerk…a master of Flash

NvN is a photographer based in Wayne, NJ, specializing in portrait, wedding and boudoir photography.
His Wedding  Photography Blog is a MUST SEE! So check it out here!

He also maintains a very active website for photographers. He teaches workshops and seminars for photography and has written two books on flash photography, of which one has been translated intoPolish and Portuguese. This means he can describe himself as being ‘internationally renowned’. Works for us!


Neil, is one of those people that gives very freely of his information on his “Tangents” blog. One of his favorite techniques, and mine for that matter, is bouncing on camera flash. He wrote a blog post that does a great job of explaining how uses bounce flash and sets his camera for it!

Read his blog here!

Are there any bounce flash techniques you have found useful? Let us know below!

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