Networking and SEO…From a Guru!


While at WPPI this year, we had the opportunity to hear Blake Discher speak. He started with a warning. “This will probably be the driest presentation you’ll take in at WPPI but thanks for sticking it out.”

Well over the next 90 minutes, we had nothing thrown at us but pure gold! From networking, finding new clients, retaining existing clients, SEO, and many other topics from a photographer that is from Detroit. Blake told how hard-hit Detroit was in the economic crash. But he also gave us strategies to counter the challenges.

Blake counts America’s Biggest automakers amongst his clients, which should tell you one thing. He knows what he’s doing, does it with a level of professionalism that we should all strive to, and his blog, groozi.com is a one-stop shop for a TON of useful information!

We highly recommend that if Blake is speaking at WPPI, you do everything in your power to hear him. You will thank us…and your business will be better for it!

Are there any other photographers that you’ve heard speak that REALLY made a difference in how you do business? Let us know. We want to hear about them too.

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