The Email Black Hole and How to Fix It.

image by Anete Lusina

Email is a necessary Evil. We all know that, but how are you dealing with the huge volume of email that you’re getting?

Here are a few strategies to help you knock your daily computer time down.

  • Don’t look at email in the morning, until you’ve spent an hour learning something new. Read this article for the reasons why!
  • Every time you write an email that you know you will use again, save it as a draft before sending.
  • If your email client allows it, set up several folders that can help you stay organized. (Quotes, Bookings, Vendors, Billing, Orders etc.)
  • Pre-write the standard emails that you constantly use. “Thank you for your inquiry” “Thank you for your Business” “Pre-Session preparedness” etc. Keep them in a folder for a quick copy/paste.
  • Set up an autoresponder that says “Thank you for contacting __________ Photography, We appreciate it! We will be back to you within 24 hrs” and GET BACK TO them within 24 hours. Some email clients are sophisticated enough that they can send different Auto Responses based on the subject of the incoming email!
  • ALWAYS!! And we mean ALWAYS get contact telephone numbers. If it’s not on your website/blog contact form, make it a required field! A 1/2 hour email can be avoided many times with a 3-minute telephone call.
  • NEVER ever send an email when you’re sad or angry. Write it if you want, save it to drafts, and go to sleep. When you look at it the next day, laugh to yourself, and then write the one you should have in the first place.

Are there any email handling strategies you wish to share? Please let us know! We want everyone to benefit from the collective knowledge.


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