Location Scouting Using Your Phone

Finding unique locations take time, and time is money. But Location Scouting doesn’t have to empty your bank account OR waste your time.
We have compiled a few tips to help you not only FIND, but remember great locations for future sessions!  Do you have any that you recommend?


An App available for iPhone is: PictNote

This seems like a simplified version of Evernote, using a camera phone. The key functions, for me, are that it backs up to Evernote, and Dropbox; automatically, if desired. It puts multiple images into a single Evernote note, which is lacking in Evernote’s iOS apps – eliminating the need to ‘merge’ note, later, in the desktop application.




GeoTag Photos Pro is probably the most advanced option we’ve found. This App runs GPS in the background while you can snap photos with your phone. When you’re done, you press stop, upload the GPS data to geophotos.net, and run a program on your computer that syncs the photos you took to your GPS coordinates (does it based on time) its really quite awesome!



Probably the most environmentally friendly solution comes from our friend Melissa Cales of Melissa Cales Photography who says:  “Well  when I wanted to find some spots downtown without wasting a ton of gas…you just pull up an intersection on Google maps and then switch it to street view. You can go up the street, turn on different streets, etc. and can get a feel for what’s around. One time, I was trying to remember the exact location of a church that was way out in the country. I Googled churches in that county then used Google street view to get a look at each one without driving all over. It takes a little while, but with $4/gallon gas, I’ll take it.”

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