10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits

Digital Photography School has posted an excerpt from their beautiful eBook: 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits. This 2 part lesson, written by Darren Rowse, is full of great ideas on how to change up a portrait shoot. We can find our selves stuck in ruts from time to time, getting comfortable in our new found “style.” It’s important to stay fresh and try new things, but that thought can be a little overwhelming.


This article can help you with fresh topics such as Altering Perspective, Playing with Light, Shoot Candidly, and Move Your Subject Our of Their Comfort Zone (this is my personal favorite!)

So head on over and read up on this free lesson at Digital Photography School.  There’s also another corresponding article, 10 More Tips for Stunning Portraits, that I Highly recommend reading!

10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits

10 More Tips for Stunning Portraits

And if you’re interested in picking up the book, it’s only $19.95

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