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Shutter Cliq | May 26, 2017

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Location Scouting Using Your Phone

March 9, 2012 | Admin

Finding unique locations take time, and time is money. But Location Scouting doesn’t have to empty your bank account OR waste your time. Read More

The Email Black Hole…

March 9, 2012 | Admin

Email is a necessary Evil. We all know that, but how are you dealing with the huge volume of email that you’re getting? Read More

Pixiq – Seven Steps For Creating Work

March 8, 2012 | Admin

Pixiq has a great article about how to create work in good and bad times written by Matthew Jordan Smith.  He has worked with such clients as: Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Jamie Foxx, Mandy Moore, and Oprah Winfrey.  Matthews complete resume is impressive to say the least, and his seven steps are actually simple in thought and execution. Read More

Move Photos to an External Drive Without Damaging Lightroom Catalogs

March 8, 2012 | Admin 1


We’ve all faced it…your Hard Drive is filling FAST and you need to move you images to an external hard drive. But you don’t want to kill your catalogue in Lightroom. Here’s a Tutorial on how to do just that! Read More

Help My Lightroom Catalog is corrupted!

March 8, 2012 | Admin


Lightroom just said your Catalog is corrupted and you have thousands of images that are seemingly lost! Read More

How to Move Lightroom to a New computer

March 8, 2012 | Admin


You’ve purchased a new computer! Congratulations!  Now begins the much anticipated and incredibly fun task of moving EVERYTHING over from your old dinosaur of a computer.

Read More

Applying Textures to your Images

March 7, 2012 | Admin

Adding a texture to your image can give it that visual punch that it sometimes needs. Read More

Using Curves For White Balance

March 1, 2012 | Admin

© Justin Ashton

I have to admit, have never thought of using this technique before. But a buddy from Gilbert Arizona SWEARS by it, so I had to try it out. And it works!

Read More

A Portrait Workflow Using LR and CS!

March 1, 2012 | Admin

I don’t know about you…but one of the things that drives me crazy about this business is all the butt time in front of the computer. It’s no different than the Darkroom time that used to be spent in the film days, but back then you had no choice. Now, you do! Read More

Video: Flow Posing

March 1, 2012 | Admin

Doug Gordon. When I think of his name I think FLOW POSING. He’s got a couple videos up on You tube and we think you should watch them! I saw his demo live at WPPI, and it was pretty neat to say the least. Read More