Variable – A Company That Can Teach Us How To Tell A Story

As a director of photography on multiple projects, I’ve come to learn that cinematographers are the greatest storytellers using only light, sound, color, and perception.  Whatever medium we choose, our end result should be to capture and present a story that captivates, moves, and stirs up emotion.

Variable, a production company based out of New York City have created some of the most incredible, captivating shots. Their use of color to take center stage in telling the story is moving.  Every shot could be captured as a still photograph and tell a beautifully compelling story.

One of my favorite videos from their amazing portfolio is Holi.  This team understands all the elements to create a perfect story: perfect lighting (whether ambient or artificial), correct lens usage, compelling angles, tasty coloring, and a matured vision.

Be sure to follow them on twitter for their latest updates here: @wearevariable

More of their work can be found on Vimeo here: We Are Variable Vimeo

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